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CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange

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I want to get the CZ 75 TSO and I would like to talk to different members that own one and get there input on the gun. One question I have is the 9mm with the double stack magazine. Has anyone had trouble with it. Question 2 they say it has a plastic trigger, I'm sure it's more than just normal plastic. Question 3 does it have a fully adjustable rear sight. I watched a video on this gun and it showed an elevation screw but not a windage screw. It said you could change the windage with a little work and effort. Any help would be appreciated.   

I just recieved 2 TSOs but in 40. I will be heading out to the range tomorrow to get initial thoughts and intial zero of the sights. As far as the rear sight, It has an elevation screw for adjustment but has to be drifted for windage. The 2 set screws need to be loosened and a punch/hammer can be used or the CZ custom rear sight adjustment tool can be used. I have the CZC tool and prefer it. It allows you to precisely adjust windage.

Thanks Leo for the reply. Looking forward to see how they shoot and how well you like them.

Ran 300 rounds between the two and I am impressed. I played around with 4 different recoil spring weights. 12, 13, 14 from cajun gun works and whatever the factory installed one is.  It is too early to tell which one I prefer but I am leaning towards what I run in my CTS 40s, 12lb. The accuracy out of these guns are great. At 20 yards, I was able to get some groups inside 2" off hand. I suspect once I get more accustomed to the trigger and do some group shooting off of a rest, it will produce some outstanding results.  Both guns ran flawless. Zero malfunctions were experienced.  As good as these guns are out of the box, I plan on modififying factory CZ rubber grips and installing them in place of the thin aluminum grips. I could never warm up to any of the thin grip offerings and my hands and preferred grip needs a bit more width in the grip. I also plan on installing a .090" front sight from dawson. It is nice CZ finally offered a gun with a serrated/fiber optic front but I prefer a thinner front for the action shooting sports.  More to come as I experiment and run these in competition...

Sounds great Leo. That's what I wanted to hear about this gun. Looks like you had a good outing. Keep me posted on how it goes and thanks for the reply 


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