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CZ 2075 D RAMI

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A production run of the 2075 D RAMI with a natural stainless slide but I'de settle for just being able to find a current production model with the decocker for now. :smiley:

Yes, with no Sub-Compact or Semi-Compact version of the P10C
this year, I'll just buy a RAMI BD, and see if we get a single
stack in 2018.

The biggest problem with buying a BD is there practiaclly nonexistent, GunBroker, Auction Arms, Guns America etc, etc zero BDs for sale, I've found several of the safety models but decided to wait until I find a BD to make a purchase.  :angry:

I hit the Bud's wishlist last year and one popped up every few months.  I'd suggest you do that.  I waited a day on the first one and it was sold out.  Second one I purchased as a soon as I got the notification.  Gotta admit though..... I sold it.  I did not like the ergos with the 10-round mag at all.  Worst pinky dangle of any of my subcompacts.  And with the 14-rounder in, I might as well carry my PCR or P-01 SDP. 

I appreciate the info but actually found one with the WTB ads I posted on several gun forums and will have it on the 2/6 it's actually arriving on the 4th but the FFL shop I use is closed on the weekend.  :sad:

Thanks again for the info I'll keep Buds in mind next time I'm looking for something.


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