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CZ Shadow 2 maintenance and cleaning

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hello to you all,

Still waiting for my licence, but I purchased a CZ Shadow 2.

As a new shooter, I would like to hear from you guys what I need to keep this pistol spic and span. What lube, grease or other products? Boresnake or stick with patches?

Thans a lot !

I use weapon shield, boresnake it after range trip and or match. I break it down quarterly and give it a good cleaning and inspection.
The shadow 2 is here in the states yet but it's what I do with all my cz's

Hello dvrdwn72,

Thanks 4 your insights! I assume you put some Waeponshield on the boresnake? You don't use some led remover for the barrel?

Correct. Now if I get lazy and slack on cleaning I'll run some soaked patches through the bore and let it sois mostly soak the boresnake, run it through a few times when I'm done shooting.

Might have to get a snake for my Shadow 2 also. Got them for rifles, hadn't considered them for a pistol.

On the Hoppes packaging it shows the snake being used on the gun when it's whole, wouldn't it be easier to break out the barrel and just snake it?


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