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With the new year upon us, what are some of your shooting/match goals?  For me personally, I have skill improvement goals in mind. I am not setting any match placement or classification (USPSA) goals but am set out on improving areas of my current skill set. I find my longer distance (25+ yards) shots and not going 1 for 1 on steel targets being my weakest areas and am trying to develop a plan on improving those skills.  Right now I will focus on practicing on targets that are set out to those distances and making them more difficult by placing hardcover and no-shoots on them. What are your goals and what are you going to do to acheive them?

Went out to the range yesterday and put a few hundred rounds down range. Before this, my last live fire practice session was in the late summer/early fall of last year. With dry fire practice and local club matches as my main means of improvement.  Something was very evident today. I was not gripping the gun hard enough. This is a very common phenomenon that happens with those who dry fire more than live fire.  As soon as I made a conscious effort to grip thr gun harder, it was much easier to track my sights on subsequent shots and my shot placement was much tighter to each other. I continued to do this throughout the session and made a mental note on the grip pressure I was applying.  I will continue to work on this and report back.

I'm doing the same thing with my weak hand and the results have been Alpha Charlie on the mid-long range shots under speed. I have to make myself train more on getting that grip right.

I am concentrating on improving my IDPA skills. My long distance shooting definitely needs work. I'm shooting several sanctioned matches this year and hoping for a top 5 or even top 3 finish (took 6th place at last sanctioned match). Shooting local matches is where the majority of my practice come from, I shoot both IDPA and USPSA. I use the USPSA to practice for IDPA, it is great for practicing movement, shooting on the move, longer distance shots. The rest (cover, reloads, etc) I can do in dry fire.....

Same here,, my grip. After the Fl open and my performance, I need to go back and run some basic drills, trigger prep and sight alignment.


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