Author Topic: Saluting all the brave and dedicated woman of our Armed Forces.  (Read 18271 times)

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Memorial Day 2014

       I try to write each year on Memorial Day and Labor Day and what they mean to me. The last 2 years I have talked about not only the Military personal that put their lives in Harmís Way so the rest of us can enjoy the privileges and duties to our Country they bleed and died for. I have also included all the Police, Fire, EMTís, First Responders that also stand in harmís way with not much if any recognition. And I hope that I wrote about them with the Honor they all deserve. I Hope I do the subjects of this years editorial the Honor they deserve as well.

      This year I am going to talk about a particular group of People that serve now and in the past in all branches of the Military since before this Country was a Country. You ask who? Well Iíll tell you, but I suspect a great many folks will be surprised and or shocked or both when I say that group of people are women. Yes indeed from, heck since the beginning of time, women have stood side by side with men to defend their homes and beliefs, but Iím not going that far back. Iím going to stay strictly with the Women who fought, bled and or died for the OUR Country. Since Memorial Day is an American Day of Remembrance of and ABOUT the people that did what was right, no matter what or who, to make this Country one of the Greatest Countries in the world.

         One of the many reasons is that the women of these United States of America have been there in the background or more to the point in the foreground in pretty much every single war that has been fought by this country from the Revolutionary War up to and including the Present. Here is a link to a list of the medals award and to whom, (at least from the not so Civil War until now) Before then woman were quietly given Veteranís benefits for their service)

      It never ceases to amaze me when talking about ďWoman in the Military in Combat rolesĒ a hugh number of men that should know better, constantly decry that woman arenít suited to fighting, and canít hold their own in a fight let alone a war. It pains me no end when I hear woman say the same thing. (I frankly can't get a handle on whatever they are thinking, on one hand they talk about Woman's Rights and Equality then they turn right around a go rabid on the subject of women in the military???) would respectfully direct their attention to Israel and the women in their Military that have fought and died side by side with their male comrades. And speaking of comrades, tell the women that are in the Russian Military they arenít equal to the task and Iíll hold your coat when the medics haul you off to the hospital. For that matter consider the number of woman that were in the thick of the French Revolution, or either World War, or the British woman who died defending hearth and home in.

      The United States Military History is chock full of woman that fought for the rights and privileges we seem to take for granted but seldom use. Molly Pitcher started out taking water to the troops in the Revolutionary War, and ended up working with a cannon crew when her husband fell during the battle.
The list of the things and awards woman have received are WAY too long to list here so Iím going to add some links for those of you that want to know more. Iíll post the sites also so that no one thinks Iím trying to plagiarize anyoneís work.    Info on Molly Pitcher and some other woman in the Revolutionary War.  Timeline Dates for Women in the Military Officially.  WWW.History.Org  History.Org

     Anyway, my point is that Women have played a very important role in building our country, and have fought in most of our wars, yet little or nothing is mentioned about them. Another thing I noticed or at least never thought of until I started writing this piece, is that despite everything woman have done in Service to our Country you seldom or ever see a sticker or even woman wearing the medals they have received in public. Seems to be a guy thing, which frankly I think is way past time to share with out female counterparts. Women over the years and centuries have received every medal from the lowest to the highest our country can bestow on any service person; I think they should wear them, other than on their uniforms. Its way past time we come together as a Nation, with no divides between Men and Women, Race, Creed or Color. Letís start with our Heroís. No one deserves it more than they do.
Make a point of saying thanks to a woman in uniform this Memorial Day, or to someone that served and is out or retired. Maybe we can start a trend.

The Editor

        Oh and if you are offended that I think we need to make a special mention of our women in the military, keep it to yourself, if you post anything I think is derogatory I WILL delete it, and depending on just what you said, I will ban you as well. This is a Forum not a Democracy and NO you donít get to disrespectfully disagree, with the Editorial content. And come to think of it this is my personal feelings on the subject and it is not up for debate.
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Welcome Home every Veteran and active Service personnel and Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice

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Re: Saluting all the brave and dedicated woman of our Armed Forces.
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I think you make a great and valid point!!! There is not enough appreciation for the women who have fought and died for our country and there damn well should be!! To the women past, present and future who have and will put their lives on the line, I salute you!!!
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Re: Saluting all the brave and dedicated woman of our Armed Forces.
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Interesting information, I learned something reading that. Thanks. Good reminder on "women in combat" ... Russia & Israel.