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CZ 75 grips on a Canik S-120


Will CZ 75 grips fit a Canik S-120? I want to upgrade from the factory plastic ones. (As a 1911 guy I just have to customze a good pistol   in some fashion.) Also, is there a difference between  CZ 75 and CZ 75B grips?

This is sort of an answer, more like a suggestion. I have a T-100 which has grips the same as the C-100 and I just bought a set of wood grips from Thailand on EBay advertised for a CZ 75 Compact. They are as nice as pictured, fit is astounding. I knew up front I might have elongate the screw holes as I would expect with any CZ replacement...very little maybe 1/32 or less just used an undersized drill bit and doesn't show.

Before purchasing I actually used the iPad resize ability and overlaid my grips on the offered grips...presto. All that remained was to hope they would be nicer than the lush plastic hasps  that came on it. Such a nice pistol, fit/finish/accuracy and reliability deserves better.

So based on my experience maybe you can score too. Others will want to know. The use of Ebay allowed me to bet less that they would work. A smart phone MIGHT be big enough to compare size/shape. Good luck [size=78%]share your results[/size]


Thanks for the info!

            Way cool, and thanks very much for posting that entire answer. I don't have an i-anything but maybe I'll see if it will work on a smart phone I had to re-place. Just to make sure it doesn't play well with the smartphone SW.
I bought CZ-75b GUUNS grips for my S-120 and had to modify just a bit to get them to properly fit.


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