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Just like the Holster board I'm posting a list of folks who make grips for an assortment of CZ's. Once again I am not endorsing and one mfg. And if possible I will try the excel sheet like I am going to try with the holster folks. I still want any help or suggestions you have, this entire forum page is for everyone, and for everyone to have a say and or help someone or all of us.

I would like to introduce my self. My name is Vandel and I also make custom grips for the CZ-75B. Hopefully soon I will be adding more guns to my line up.

I just purchased a new CNC carving machine and it is taking some time to learn how to use it. Hopefully I will be able to make some test carves in a day or two.

I will only be using the CNC machine to carve the inside of the grips (the side against the gun frame) and will still hand shape the rest. Eventually I hope to be able to offer engraving and checkering. At that point those grips will have to be completely carved on the CNC machine.

I offer several kinds of wood but prefer Ironwood and Burls due to the beauty of the grain.

Keep an eye out for future posts, when I am ready to except orders again I will post pics of the wood I have available.

     Hey Van! Welcome to the forum! Everyone say high to Van, I have grips made from 2 different types of wood I bought from van when I was stall a member over at the other forum. I really like them and I think I even posted pics of them on a couple of the pics of my collection. 
    I promised to make some molds for him oh about 6 months ago but I just can't seem to get any clear idea on just how to make the molds without having to either strip the pistols down to their frames or mess up the pistol because I can't get the mold material out from the Mag spring and the hammer spring etc. If anyone can explain it to me in simple 2 year old words please do so and I'll make the molds so Van can expand his offerings.
See Van I haven't forgotten I'm just chicken. lol :cool:

Any feedback on

I don't see anything for CZ on


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