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OK, This is an experiment. What I propose is to List various Holster Makers by URL.  Understand I am not endorsing any Holster Maker, what I am trying to do is save us all some time looking all over the net by making a central place to look. If I have missed any (and I know I will/have) go ahead and list them or pm me with the company name with their URL. ONLY holsters that fit CZ and Dan Wesson. Any other weapon holster Mfg gets deleted.These are NOT in any particular order. If I could figure out a way to make it Alphabetical order that's the way they would be listed. In the mean time I am going to try to make up an Excel Spreadsheet by name and model or weapon and holster.
(As noted on one of the posts on this thread they do not appear to have much if anything in the way of CZ specific holsters, But they do have a couple things that I thought were clever enough to justify this companies inclusion to this list. In particular were the ladies holsters, the Ladies concealment pouch, and the Kydex/Leather hybrid. I may add on other holster Mfg to this list that don't necessarily cater to CZ's but since a majority of our members have more than one style of sidearm, if I/we find something unique, then show me the link, and I'll consider it. That is NOT a guarantee, but if it's unique enough I most likely will.) scabbards for rifles in particular These folks make belts, just belts but they look good. Supposed to be very good belts, one of the members recommended them. These look like a realy good idea. I looked didn't really see much for CZ's but I think they are an idea for some of our other members. I may even see what I can get and try one myself. 2 models so far for the "CZ75 and Compact"

I just looked at Side Guard Holsters - in particular the "Switch Guard" that works OWB & IWB.  Looks very nice.  Any input on them?

I personally have no experience with them. But I looked at their site and they offer holsters for at least a couple CZ's, which made them eligible for the list of links. I just added them. They certainly look nice and considering just how many really fine Holster Mfrs there are and their backlog of orders I think there is allways room for another. I figure if they are good or bad we will here about them from one of our members. I know this sounds hooky as all get out. But, "one for all and all for one" may make a decent motto for this forum. Anyone translate that into Latin? :cool:    We went, We saw. We bought. would work also, and I wonder wht that would look/sound like in Latin also?  :grin:

Rodolfo Fierro:
I just ordered a BlackHawk Serpa paddle holster.  I have another other locking holster for my 1911 and really like the locking feature. It is easy to draw the gun when you are wearing it, but difficult if you are not, assuming that you know how the lock works.


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