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Range Day 7-14-12


I'm putting all of today's range photos here.

The first target was with the CZ-52 at 7 yds. The balance of the rounds were given to the gunsmith yesterday to check out the CZ-52. The first group was scattered. The second were a little tighter, but not much. I hadn't been to the indoor range in a couple of weeks. Besides, this was the first time I shot the CZ-52.

Range Day 7-14-12 004 by fmtipps, on Flickr

The second target was with CZ-82 at 7 yds.The gunsmith was given 7 rounds to check out the CZ-82. This was also my first time shooting the CZ-82.

Range Day 7-14-12 003 by fmtipps, on Flickr

Here is the target with CZ-75 BD Police with the new sights installed. All shots were low. I need to raise the back sight so that the front sight and the muzzle are raised and the aim point becomes the impact point.

In the first group I shot at the lower three bullseyes.

Range Day 7-14-12 001 by fmtipps, on Flickr

In the second group, I flipped the target sheet so that I shot at the lower two bullseyes. Again every thing was low.

Range Day 7-14-12 002 by fmtipps, on Flickr

Either I miscounted the shots, or I had a flier somewhere in the group. I only lasted an hour and half before I had to leave.

              Not shabby at all, first time with new weapons, including the BD, Changing out the new sights makes it a first time with a newweapon, buecause you had never shot that pistol with those sights, (just explaining my reasoning for the new folks may not understand)  {since after all I am sooooooo good with words :rolleyes: }

Thanks, Ghost.  I know I need more range time with my new toys. Maybe I'm moving too fast in the purchasing department, but I don't think so. I better get them while I can, and then learn to shoot them when I'm able. I'm picking up a nice looking CZ-50 this afternoon. The rest of the day will be spent cleaning. I'll post pictures of the newest family member later.

I hope to post some photos of my entire CZ family shortly. I'm trying to plan the layout and organization now. I'm think along the lines of a couple of group photos, individual subgroups (75 B with Kadet, 52 with 9mm and 7.62x25mm), and individual photos. It won't come near the fine collection by Ghost Warrior! Very few of us can get near that collection.

          Well part (ok Most of it) of it was gotten using my wife's trust fund stuff, which is ok, that's almost what's it's there fore, to pay bills and mortgage. Just debends on your definition of bills. And her not really figuring out how much I used to put this together for our daughter.  :grin: Before I got disabled and no one would hire me, I could have done this all by myself with out anything else. I only wish I had thought about it back then, and not when I'm home sitting around bored, angry and feeling sorry for myself. :embarrassed:
          So do what you can now while it's still time, then you can have more time playing with them before the kids get them.  :laugh: and you also end up with a nicer collection then mine, and not be embarrassed about having it or at least showing it off. I sort of didn't realize how important this forum was going to become to me, not the ideas I got after starting it and realizing that there really wasn't any way to see side by side comparisons (well in Magizines and catalogues, but even then not like mine) from all sides so anyone can figure out what someone else was saying when they talked about theirs.
           I happen to really like and very much admire how some if not most of you are going about building your collections I keep finding things I would like to have or know from the things everyone posts. Sometimes I feel like I am the rabbit at the dog track, and you folks are the Greyhounds chasing me. Keeps me looking for as much as I can so I can hold up my end of what you folks are building here. I don't have the Skills or Knowledge to do what some/most of you do/know as simply second nature. But for now I can help with the show and tell part, and I am happy to do so. In some ways, I think of it as you all actually running our Forum, and I just try to keep it organized and help where I can. Seriously.


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