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Blade-Tech WRS Level 3 DUTY HOLSTER

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It looks like there is a model designed for the SP-01!  It is their top of the line duty holster and has level 3 retention.  Has anyone used the WRS before?  These holsters may mean a new era for the CZ pistol lovers!

Hi Mr Wright -

My name is Tessa. I run the social media channels for Blade-Tech and wanted to be sure you got the answers you needed. I confirmed with my Production Manager that we do make a CZ SP-01 WRS Level 3 Holster.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


Tessa Kravitz

       Welcome to our Forum Ms Kravitz!  I think I can say for everyone that you are most welcome and we are glad to have you here, and your offer to answer questions. (you MAY want to rethink that part, we have a lot of Blade Tech folks, myself included :laugh: ).
        Anyway Welcome and we look forward to your input on any number of things from an insider or the Industries point of view.
        I think I need to pop over to your web site and see what's new. Besides the SP-01 I mean.

Awww. Thanks for having me! Let me know if you need anything... no re-thinking necessary ;) Tessa

The Safariland 6280 fits the CZ DUTY.  I know the DUTY frame is smaller than my SP-01 but I wonder if it will fit.  The 6280 can be made into a level 3 retention holster and comes in both low and mid ride.  I was wondering first if the 6280 will fit other CZs like mine and second how it compares to the Blade Tech WRS 3.

Thank You.


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