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How Many Magazines?

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I'm putting this topic in this forum because this might be were it comes more into play. My CZ 75 B was shipped to California with two ten round magazines. But spending some time at a range, having to stop to reload the magazines, is time taken away from shooting. How many magazines are reasonable? Between the cost and the time it takes to reload, how many should a shooter have on hand? If you are out with one or two, or more, people, does the number of magazines change? Assuming you are all sharing the same shooting lane and handgun.

When my son and I are out shooting our revolvers (6 rounds), we have begun to fire a full wheel, reload and fire a second full wheel, before handing off to the other person. That way we each get a little more time on the line before switching. Are there similar rotations you use with semi-automatics when out with other people?

Rodolfo Fierro:
Last year while freezing at the range I realized that per-loaded magazines was the answer.  I load five at home in the nice warm house now.  I also got an UpLula loader.

I just mailed my UPLula to Den to be modified for the Kadet .22 LR magazines. The UPLula has been a lifesaver for loading the 9 mm magazine. That last round fixes so snug.

           Shoot I always thought I had enough mags if I had about 6 to 12 per pistol. I think it's up to over a hundred total now. (More than one pistol by now of courese, they do tend to mulitply) But that for when you go to the range. Seriously if you went with someone I would take at least 4 mags 6 if I could afford them, then while one person was shooting the other reloads and then has their turn, thirty rounds should be enough to work on both slow and rapid fire. (I think? :grin: ). or if you take a third then it gets easier, one person is loading two mags of 10 while the other two are either shooting or waiting their turn. Not really sure I would practice rapid fire with 2 10 round mags but it would actually help you practice dropping the empty mag and inserting the full one with speed.
         Then again if you are going to use it for CCW then one mag in the pistol and 2 as back up should be enough for Most encounters. If you need more than 30 rounds in the city, then you stumbled into someones war. Of course I say that about the 2 26 round mags I have carried for backup :cool:

Thanks, GW. Three per person is sounding about right for the range. And you bring up the point of CCW, one in pistol, and two backups. That's good. I can always wish I could use 14-19 round magazines, but if 10 is what I'm restricted to, I'll have to obey the law.

I've read that you shouldn't force the maximum number of rounds in to a magazine. But load the allowed number, then chamber a round. This reduces the compression on the magazine spring, and prevents the spring from taking a set. And you're prepared for cocked and locked, or hammer down carry. Also, you want to cycle your magazines through your pistol so that each is used, and you aren't relying on the same one all the time.

If you haven't dropped your magazines in the dirt or mud, how often do you take them apart and clean them? If you make regular use of each magazine, and aren't having any problems, should you bother cleaning them internally at all? Just wipe them down, maybe rub a drop of oil rarely over the outside surface. (If you live in a damp climate, you may want to check for rust on the internals occasionally.)


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