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Title: Our Veterns and their loved ones
Post by: GhostWarrior on November 11, 2013, 10:52:33 AM
             Most every year I have some sort of Editorial regarding labor day and Memorial day but somehow I miss Veterans Day since I have the Remembrance wall up and links to as many Veteran's outreach programs that I know about, I guess I figured that is my way of making Veterans day last all year long, Which is in fact what it should be. Instead, we spend one whole day, having parades, and picnics and such, then go right back to forgetting about our Veterans for another year, give or take a Memorial Day.
            We as a country set aside this day to honor our veterans, both the living and the fallen, yet our military continue to fight and die every single day of the year defending your Country and way of life. We continue to rush to aid those around the world (that daily bad mouth us) that have disasters, yet when the crisis is over those same countries go right back to bad mouthing our Country. Why are we the world’s disaster relief agency? The UN supposedly has one, and sometimes other countries join in to help relief efforts but the US has always picked up the brunt of the costs and burdens of the rebuilding of those countries, to the detriment of our own infrastructure. And when it's over, we are again reviled as Bullies, and busy bodies.
            However what and who I want to address today is/are the loved ones who have family and friends in the Military, Police, and Fire. Every day they watch their loved ones go out to stand in harm’s way to protect all of us never knowing if they will ever see them return alive. But it especially hard on the families and loved ones of our Military Personal, because those soldiers, men and women, when they say goodbye to their families and friends, it could actually be the last goodbye they ever say. And way more than a few of those families, friends and loved ones have both parents, or their husband and wives in the Services also. Which means in a lot of cases the children have to stay with Grandparents or relatives while their parents are both serving, It happens every single day of every year. As hard as it is on the adults that have to go again and again into harm's way, even though they have done their tours and more, they find out that they are forced to serve another tour whether they can or not. Which leads to some very, very medical issues for those troops, and not only do the troops have medical issues and PTSD, but their kids are subject to the same. Imagine what it's like at 3 or 4 or twelve or older, to have your parents both leave you with others and go way, possibly never to return? We have so over worked our Military that when they come home, they may have been away for so long that their kids simply don't recognize them as their parents. Now this is some ways has always been a problem with being a Military family. Every war, conflict or whatever is never over in a couple days, they take years, but in the past, with some exceptions, when your tour was over you went home no matter what. These days that is no longer true, we used to hear almost weekly about troops that were supposed to rotate home after they had served on the front lines, being told they couldn't go home and had to face death and destruction, for another tour. Now it happens so often that the media no longer even mentions how wrong that is and they are barely giving any news out about how high the PTSD actually is amongst our returning veterans. And even less on what it is doing to their families.
                Anyway, my point is that today, not only thank the men and women that are our Veterans but take a moment to tell their family’s thank you for what they have to go through, and the things they have to endure. If you don' have a family member in the Service, I would bet you know someone that is, maybe take a few moments to call their families and tell them how much you appreciate their sacrifices and their spouses or parents scarifies.
               I'll leave that up to you to decide what to do or how to handle it. I simply wanted to mention that the Families of our Service  personal give up a lot also, Yet we never think about them unless we read some article about how most of our troops are on welfare and or some touchy feely report on the home coming of the ones that have gotten to come home. And even then w only think how happy the troops are to be home, not so much about how the families feel or what they have to go through getting reacquainted with their returning families and friends. And some of those families never get back to being the family they were.
            Anyway, that's my thoughts on what and how we could celebrate Veterans' day. And I want to thank both my of brother's and their families for their service and the 20 years they all spent serving OUR country.
           Any dissenting opinions on this topic are NOT asked for nor will they be allowed. You don' like what I said, or how I said it or are one of those people that look down on our military, you are invited to see the other side of this forum's door and you can bet I don't care. Make no mistake I am a stout believer in the freedom of speech, but when it comes to our Military, Police, Fire, Medical, and others that stand in harms way. That's where I draw the line. You don't like my version of Freedom of Speech then feel free to start your own Forum, or blog.
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Title: Re: Our Veterns and their loved ones
Post by: Geobob on November 11, 2013, 01:39:29 PM
Well said, Ghost Warrior!
We must remember and care about the effects on our military and their families involved.  I still shudder when I remember how it felt to say goodbye to my wife, turn, and board that plane for a year's trip to the Sandbox in 2004.  It was also hard to say good-bye to my military unit family in 2008 when age forced my mandatory retirement;  I was not ready to leave.  And now my heart aches for the compatriots in my old unit who said good-bye to their families again yesterday for yet another stint over there. 
A hearfelt "THANKS" and wishes for blessings to our military and their families this day - and every day.  We must always appreciate, and never forget.......
Title: Re: Our Veterns and their loved ones
Post by: chfields on November 11, 2013, 04:23:05 PM
I think it has all been said here.....Thanks to all who serve.....
Title: Re: Our Veterns and their loved ones
Post by: Hurryin Hoosier on November 12, 2013, 07:23:01 PM
All I can say is that the world (or, at least, the prevalent attitudes in the USA) has sure changed since 1970.  I can't remember the last time I was called a baby-killer.