Author Topic: CZ Phantom?? Plunger/ Mag release spring&pin insertion  (Read 9449 times)


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CZ Phantom?? Plunger/ Mag release spring&pin insertion
« on: November 24, 2014, 08:58:32 AM »
Hello all,
I am a long time peruser and now a new member of the forum. I have had a Phantom for awhile now and many posts here on the forum have helped me figure out it's inner workings. I have successfully taken it apart, polished and reassembled it; yes lot's of patience required! The one area I did not do that first time around was the trigger plunger that rides underneath the trigger bar. So over the weekend I reopened Pandora's box and took the whole thing apart again. This time when reassembling it was easier, until I got to the mag release. The spring inside the release button sits in the left side of the piece, from the shooters perspective, yet wasn't long enough to put tension on the plunger by sneaking suspicionation was that I'd had a flyer and sure enough as I read around the site I found reference to a pin that goes with the spring inside the mag release button that has to be compressed while simultaneously inserting the plunger bar. So I have looked over the Phantom diagram available at CZ-USA webshop and it doesn't even show the plunger let alone the mag release spring and pin. ARRGGGHH
So, my question, after all that description, is where can I find this elusive pin, is there any hope of learning it's dimensions, out side of trial and error fabrication? I actually tried a hammer pin that I had left over from a CGW comp hammer upgrade but it is to long, though not by much.
So, any ideas!!??