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Learning about rust
« on: September 23, 2014, 07:39:32 PM »
Recently, I've started on a couple of projects that involved light to moderate rust removal. I am starting a conversation here by listing my results with the hopes of getting more input from you.

For light rust I found references to using 0000 Steel Wool with some oil. I used this process to get surface rust off and it has produced a pretty good result. I found this really works for surface rust. I have one rifle that sat for several years and there is some pitting along with what looks like rusting (somehow) under the coating.

For this more aggressive attack, I found several YT videos and discussion regarding vinegar. I placed all my internal parts into a jar with white cleaning vinegar. after 24 hours a reaction had just barely started. Perhaps I had not degreased it sufficiently I had soaked and dried all the parts in a bath of Simple Green. After a week I finally had a brown morass of goo. This process simply required dumping the crappy vinegar, covering with Baking Soda and rinsing again. This process deactivates the vinegar. What I found is that several of the parts almost disintegrated. This meant to me that there was significant rust on those parts. The remaining parts I had to use a wire brush on my Dremel to clean. This left me with several pitted parts.

For the barrel I have ordered JB compound and hopefully this will buff out a couple rust spots in the barrel. I also learned a new term this week. Frosting. "Frosted is shiny steel color, but "frosted" looking without the glint of the steel." My bore is somewhat bright (for 1973) but will need some work.

For the more extreme cleaning electrolysis may be required. I found a link that reads very well and am looking forward to trying it when I find a suitable candidate.
What has been your experiences?

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Re: Learning about rust
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2014, 07:19:21 AM »
Instead of vinegar I've used    Heavily rusted parts take more than 12 hours listed on the directions.  Just keep putting them back in the evapo-rust until they come out as bare metal.  I also want to mention bronze wool again.  It is easier on bluing than steel wool.  You can get both products on