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CZ 40B
« on: May 11, 2012, 08:48:51 AM »
I picked up an old CZ40B last year and I love it. It shoots better than any gun I've ever owned including the M&P I traded to get this gun. It has a fair amount of scuffing on the outside of the barrel so I know it was well used. My question is about failures to feed which happens 1 to 3 times out of 100 rounds. Sometimes the round isn't stripped out of the mag. I was thinking mag spring but I hate to buy a new mag for 40 bucks and find that is not the problem. I live in Clearwater Fl if anyone knows a good smith in this area. Any tips advice is welcome. Thanks.

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Re: CZ 40B
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Have you taken the mag apart and cleaned it? Magazines can collect a lot of dirt, especially if you're shooting IPSC and are dropping them in the dirt! Pull the spring out and mop the inside well with a silicone cloth. No oily lubes here, it has to stay dry. Clean the follower too and try it again. Or then it could be a mag that someone kept loaded to the max and the spring has lost some tension.
Another possibility is that the recoil spring has been replaced with a heavier spring for heavier loads and now if you're back to lighter loads, the slide is not moving fully open to pick up another round (consistantly).
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