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Having mentioned being happy with Weapon Shield, after being impressed by a Weapon Shield video that purportedly demonstrated huge (~100X; ~8X load carried by ~1/12 the area!) advantage over competitive lubes etc. it has been an ongoing question in my mind how such a seemingly impossible advantage could be real, and thus what real-world advantage Weapon Shield might actually represent.

I recently came across something suggesting that many of the "big guys" use a different lube, FP-10, which in my relative Newbie-ness I hadn't heard of: I ordered a bottle to do said real-world comparison with Weapon Shield so that if there indeed was a better lube I could adopt it. I offer Whomever, btw, the opportunity to advise if they believe their favorite lube is better, based on empirical data or at least personal experience comparing lubes.

I rigged up a Friction Test Sled comprising a 5 lb. barbell weight with three 3/8" ball bearings superglued adjacent the bore in a more-or-less symmetrical array. Loading another three 5 lb. weights on top produced an "extreme pressure" loading situation that in the unlubed state sufficed to produce tracks in the mild steel support surface, which was 320 grit sanded to cut through most of the surface rust, and then vacuumed and wiped down with laquer thinner.

I used my cellphone camera and the Neostar cellphone holder PeachBoy son got me for Christmas ( to take movies of the Rapala digital fish scale readouts, from which I took 5X "sticktion"/low speed friction readings to average.

Here are the results:
LUBE                       Average Load           Coefficient of friction
FP-10                      3.71                            0.19
Weapon Shield         3.00                            0.15
Anti-Seize                2.22                            0.11

This bears out the benefit of using a tiny toothpick dab of Anti-Sieze on the SA tooth/sear interface for the most buttery-smooth Single Action trigger imaginable.
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