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Tale of two CZs
« on: September 14, 2021, 01:00:27 PM »
My brother-in-law and I both recently purchased P-09 Duty Pistols from Cabella’s. His was in stock in the display case, mine was ordered from their warehouse and arrived a couple of days later.

Seeing as they were both brand new pistols, I would have expected them to be near identical in every way.

But no!

First off, in shooting them both, my brother’s holds a consistent group at 20 yards. 5 rounds in about a 4” group. Tighter if benched, I’ll say 2.5” then. Mine on the other hand, on 5 rounds, 3 will be in a nice tight group and 2 will be big time fliers. Sometimes missing the paper completely. Both are using identical ammo, Winchester Red and White box 115gr FMJ round nose target ammo. Results are the same as we swap the pistols back and forth between us.

The actual pistols are remarkably different as well. Both are stamped 21 (made in 2021) and both serial numbers begin with the letter “F”.

But his does not have a polished feed ramp on the barrel, has the extractor spring retaining pin visible on the outside of the extractor, and does not include the Czech Republic coat of arms badge, and has an additional NSN serial number hot stamped under the right side finger grip above the trigger.

Mine has the the Czech coat of arms, plus CIP N stamped on the barrel, slide and body. Plus mine has the polished feed ramp.


Any thoughts?

Being new here, I don’t think I can post pics yet…