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Welcome to the new Forum
« on: February 02, 2011, 09:58:11 AM »
                                                                                            Welcome to

     This Website is dedicated to promoting CZ Firearms and pretty much everything related to shooting them. It is also dedicated to bringing together as many like minded folks from all over the world in a spirit of camaraderie, mutual respect, assistance, and understanding for the improvement of everyone’s enjoyment and love for CZ firearms, both new and old, and by both the young and old.
     We welcome everyone that has an interest in first and foremost CZ’s, Dan Wesson’s, and BRNO’s, along with the Second Amendment and the Competitive Shooting Industry and its associated Organizations. Also This forum has a built in spell check, so as you are typing and you see a red line under a word right click on it and see how it thinks it's supposed to be spelled.
    NOTE: Apparently the spell check function does not work with All Servers, so it’s possible you yourself won’t have the spell check function, I do apologize but apparently it doesn’t work for myself either, or at least when I am in Admin Mode.

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