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finally ordered some HST
« on: January 26, 2016, 07:20:05 PM »
1ST. HAPPY NEW YEAR. so finally ordered some federal 9mm 124 gr. HST +P . 250 rds. total 190$ incl. shp.

i figured i may see the range in this new year, and hop my pups like the ammo as much as i think they will.
as yall know it's been hard to get that stuff, in regular or +p at least in 124 gr. i think it's a bit easier to find 147 gr. but i wasn't checking much for that weight.

now i can relax a bit, and turn my sights to a holster, yup pun intended  :grin:

yes, still have 2 virgins waiting to let em rip. new PO 7, and my cz 75 compact sdp . I've actually freed up some funds by dumping cable tv. , and changing phone plans. so hope this year i can have some fun, and come back with a rookie report of course. aloha
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